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You have questions? Contact us at EFL Classroom 2.0. View the online version here.
EFL Classroom 2.0 "When one teaches, TWO learn."
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ISSUE #1 - July 08

A NEW Bookstore!

Come support EFL Classroom 2.0 and use our Amazon Astore bookstore. Our community will get 4-10% of all purchases made here. We have a great selection which makes it easy! Please also recommend on our forum and they will be selected. The more our community buys, the deeper the discounts. So please support us and all the hard work! It costs money to run EFL Classroom 2.0! If you would like to be a librarian, please raise your hand!

Listening Galore!

Check out our new Listening area. A great place to test and work on your listening skills. Friendly for both students and teachers!

Blog Carnival!

We are hosting the 6th EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival! Submit your entry and win big! Deadline is July 31st and the winner will receive a month of free advertising! Please read our own great bloggers! Thanks to Larry for organizing!

Pick of the Month!

Check out our Voicethread directory and discussion area. Post up a voicethread you have made for language learning and / or just fun! Thank Ellen for all her hard work!

Give Us Feedback!

Please let us know what you LIKE, DON'T LIKE, or WOULD LIKE.....moan and complain or praise. Please drop a line here on the main discussion thread. Your opinion makes things better!

Happy First Anniversary!

It was one year ago that I sat down and started this fire. A lot of blowing on coals has taken place and I'm happy to see we are on our way! I thank so many who have contributed, some visibly and so many others invisibly. Hats off! I look forward to EFL Classroom 2.0 growing into a place where both English teachers and learners can get the stuff, the talk and the support to get the job done! Please say hello and sign our Anniversary Guest Book!

Help Wanted!

EFL Classroom 2.0 is OUR community. A teacher's cooperative and in that spirit, we need volunteers! Please contact me if interested in these or your own contribution.
* Librarian for our bookstore
* Greeters -- greet new members, mingle
* Podcaster / Chat master - weekly program for members
* Events manager. Look after our events calendar and keep us updated.
* A newsletter editor :)

A NEW "Bot" Page

Don't worry, Dave is still there keeping house! But many more bots too! Bots are computer characters that really foster language practice and learning. Talk to God or John Lennon! How about ordering a Starbuck's Coffee from George the Barista!

Member of the Month!

Justinoxxi gets the nod! Have you read any of his great blog posts? Like me, you may not agree with all that he says but you have to agree that he has spirit and really let's us see what a teacher's life is like - day in and day out. Give him a shout on his blog so he knows you are reading! Thanks Justinoxxi.

We got IM!

Yes, we will be experimenting with IM chat. You can instantly send a message to someone online. Get info. here . Simply see who has the green light and then click and send! Remember, if you don't see yourself -- you probably have to clear your browser cache - Tools - Internet Options - General - Clear private data. Make sure you tell the community how you like it!

Please Promote EFL Classroom 2.0!

Let others know and help us grow!

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