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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on discipline in the classroom. I teach Grade 2 Public Middle Schoolers and the vast majority of my classes are fine in terms of behaviour. Unfortunately I'm getting problems with 1 or 2.

It tends to be from boys in one or two classes and they are usually lower level students. Fighting, banging things, doing drills out of sync and the usual kind of stuff. I'm not really a disciplinarian and think that because I started at the school with that image these kids are taking advantage.

I have wondered if maybe my lessons need to be easier and maybe I need to look at that, however I feel the majority of the students are doing fine. I have been disappointed my co teacher in these classes (who speaks little English) hasn't really been able to help. (She gave Candy out at the START of class and when I moved two students she let them move back if they "promised" to work hard - they broke the "promise!!!".) There are 50 students in my classes so it's difficult to control a misbehaving, tired class) Today I stopped games and candy but don't think it's fair to punish the hardworking students because of others.

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Forget about discipline and focus on Motivation! Read the resource I uploaded here called "Managing Motivation" for a good start.
do you have a copy of this contract that I can down load please David.

Also where did you say I could get the bell from. A christian shop?
I thought I'd post this up here. Here are a lot of blog posts and videos tagged "classroom management". Good reading and viewing. I like this one here...

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0
Knowing about the situation in Korea is really important. These days Korean students know that they can push a teacher to the limits and there is really no serious consequences for them. You have to outsmart the students. You have to fool them into learning when they think they are having fun.

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