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Last month I made a blog entry about the qualities that make a good teacher. A nice list there and that famous Robin Williams speech from "Dead Poet's Society". What do you think is your own and also a great quality to have as an EFL teacher?

Randall's ESL blog, another teaching blog, recently listed the qualities of a good EFL teacher and asked readers to vote/respond. The results are listed above.

TEFLogue, a blog that we have an rss feed to (scroll down and on the left, of the main page) also listed some important characteristics.

Ability to multi-task
Able to reflect
Capable of critical thinking

I really think the most important qualities are:

1) Reflectiveness. Both active and inner reflectiveness as outlined by the subjects guru, Schon (see his Educating the reflective practitioner). It is the ability to ask and question your teaching and also actively refine and change based on that questioning and thinking.

2) A love and passion for the subject. Passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Think back on a great teacher you had. No matter all the other qualities, I bet they were great because they really loved what they were teaching and thought it important. EFL teachers should love language and love seeing other students begin to speak and have the freedom and mind altering effects of speaking another language.

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