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I believe a lot in activities which are open ended and which challenge students to find a solution or come up with their own interpretations and thoughts. They use their own meaning to build. Call it whatever you will -- the jargon is immense (critical thinking, peer learning, task based learning, discovery learning, problem solving - okay, I'll stop there but could go on!), it is a way to not only learn a language but learn "something". That's what it is all about . We teach students, not subjects!

So here is a challenge for you. I'll be posting up more shortly or give us your own!

I got 5 out of 20 on THIS CHALLENGE - can you beat me?

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Gee David, I don't want to tell you... you will feel bad :D Let's just say I was labeled a sensitive soul. I couldn't get the visual perception ones right though, and that scale- can you believe it? I know that note was higher! But actually, I believe them... I'm going to go back to the test and close my eyes and see if I can hear it... ah, missed it, didn't close my eyes in time...still sounded higher to me. Keep em coming, I can't resist!
Well yes, I found that one tough. I KNEW many of the reasons behind the answers but couldn't give/get the answers myself...I also thought that bacon and white chocolate would be DELICIOUS!....... I found it amazing that I didn't see the difference with the guy in the office. Reminded me of a recent TED talk on how the brain perceives differences....

I have more up my sleeve for sure. But I'll wait and see who else tries to beat your great score. Which was....?
:D 13.But that's not quite fair, I have taught a few of the questions to 4/5th graders when we were studying the brain, so I was very careful not to be fooled. And I agree with you, that bacon question was just plain wrong- I think it would be delicious with white chocolate too!

I wasn't at all surprised I didn't notice the difference with the guy in the office. I don't think I got one visual perception question correct, unless I could also 'read' the answer.


Here you go, hot off my press! More tomorrow. But hopefully some others will look at each slide and make comments based on the slide number....if they don't get it or just have comments. I made it with as little explanation as possible. Many of these are fascinating and thought provoking.....

Optical Illusions   and some nice ppt ones here too!

Here's some cool "Optical Art" to challenge yourself or students...

Very nice collection... I got onto myplick and downloaded it, then noticed the ppt was right below :D Shoot...
Tough quiz! Added it to my wiki
Hi there
I could not beat you and got 4 out of 20.
Dawn and others,

Here are some more to challenge yourself on. I'm trying to get a little better :)

The Amazing Race The
Asia Latin America Europe Photos Africa USA Canada Unesco
Capital Cities
When viewing the video, try to count the total number of times that the people wearing white pass the basketball. Do not count the passes made by the people wearing black.

Click here for the answer : )
I really enjoy with The CHLLENGE Game,, I've Got 5 Out of 20 at first,,, When i tried again I've got 14-20
That’s because I have to focus on reading instruction (the questions) and answer, that’s took time ,, I know that I have to work hard using more practicing or lose one of best Sense (Quick learners required in the character of each professor or Teachers)
Thank You
Muntaha, try my video (right above)... I want to see if it works!

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