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I believe a lot in activities which are open ended and which challenge students to find a solution or come up with their own interpretations and thoughts. They use their own meaning to build. Call it whatever you will -- the jargon is immense (critical thinking, peer learning, task based learning, discovery learning, problem solving - okay, I'll stop there but could go on!), it is a way to not only learn a language but learn "something". That's what it is all about . We teach students, not subjects!

So here is a challenge for you. I'll be posting up more shortly or give us your own!

I got 5 out of 20 on THIS CHALLENGE - can you beat me?

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I got ten, but I have seen a few of those types of questions before.
No. Only 19. Well done David.
Yes me too Cristina. I've done other tests on that site, but in that one you have to click on the each language.
Oh man! I was so wrapped up counting the passes I did not see the gorilla! Wow!
The Winter Olympics are coming so here's a winter Olympic challenge!

Click here and take this 20 question quiz. Can you beat me? I got 11 :(
I only got 9 correct.
Ha ha ha!
I quit after the first two questions - I have absolutely NO CLUE about winter sports!
I took the quiz, and this was the result...

Are your loved ones plotting to eat you?

Created by Oatmeal

Try it yourself by clicking on the image... mmm, good
Okay, here is A WORLD CUP QUIZ.

I got 8/20 questions, 40 percent. Can you beat me????? (I'm starting to get World Cup fever)

I found another cool optical illusion site. Here's my fav. just a bunch of circles but but they appear to move!

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