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Project Peace





** New:  Couch Surfing page


Has anyone couch surfed?  How was it? Can you let us know a bit about your own experiences?


I know some people are a little reticent about doing this but I think it could be a great way to meet fellow teachers and learn about education in another part of the world.


We meet so many people online. That's great. But if we can "make it real" and help each other offline, that's enriching.


I've been doing a rethink of our community and one idea I see as rewarding is "Couch Surfing". So I set it up but it will take YOUR participation. I know not everyone can, that's fine. But those that can, please do.


How do you participate?

(see the video below)


1. Agree to participate. Only those who have YES selected on their profile will be searchable and involved. Of course, if you've selected No, you still can search for a couch/accommodation!  So, go edit your profile  and answer yes or no to being in the couch surfing database.


2. Go to the Couch Surfing Teacher's page. Select your criteria and get results of those who've agreed to possibly offer up a couch/bed/floor.



3. If you find someone you might like to contact, just go to their profile page and either A) efriend them  and send a message  B) Leave a message on their page.  C) if you are already their friend - message them.


4. Finally, make sure to read my few simple guidelines and cautions.


Please ask questions or add your own thoughts, experiences below.  We'll also need your help to tell other teachers about this and grow the directory of teachers. It'll take time but I'm sure it happen!




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