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Dear members,


I have a request for help! But in return, you and your students will get a unique opportunity to learn English through famous speeches. These speeches are great for learning English!


EnglishCentral now has "public" classes. All class pages are public and when you make a class curriculum of videos, your students just need to enroll by clicking the "ENROLL" button on your class page. We'll be updating that page to even make it more usable by the teacher - stay tuned. 


Famous Speeches

I've created my own class page for Famous Speeches. Download the ebook for this HERE. (click the download icon there).  I need teachers and students to enroll in my class and help me test out this course. Can you sign up or send your students to study in my class! Just click Enroll and sign up to EnglishCentral or if already registered/logged in, start studying immediately. If you are logged in as a teacher - you'll see "Join This Class". No problem to join as a teacher but if possible, register as a student and ENROLL. 


Your help and feedback about the new teacher tools and these public pages are welcomed. In the next few days I'll be adding video tutorials on how teachers can build their own public classes easily and "teach the world". 


Thanks in advance for signing up to my class and helping out! 

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That must be really helpful. I'm going to have my own class on EC but before doing that I prefer to get some more information about its usage and the way that it works and your nice class/pdf guidelines will actually help me to get through it. I enrolled in your class via my student account.



There is lots of help on the Resources page of the EnglishCentral blog too.   However I can help, let me know. Just try it out and get the hang of it. I'm sure you'll see the potential for students. 


As an aside - Iran is/was one of the first places on the map that we really became popular in. We couldn't and still can't understand why so many Iranians use EnglishCentral. Even when it is next to impossible to upgrade to Premium and make any payment (from Iran). Still, along with Vietnam, Iran is really a big surprise in terms of the numbers of students using EnglishCentral.

Dear David,

Yes. You're right. EC has become very famous in Iran. Last month, there was a summit in our institute about how to use the internet as an authentic source for learning English. In my essay, I introduced English Central as the best site ever made for learning English effectively. Surprisingly,I received  an enthusiastic welcome from students/teachers. As you said, it's almost impossible to upgrade to Premium( as I have the same problem for supporting EFL CLASSROOM) but there are still so many valuable things provided for us on EC. We do enjoy using it.

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