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I'm curious about how people find their jobs. If you have a moment, please just leave a quick reply listing how you found your present job. Also, how satisfied you were with it/the process....

I found my job through a company, Canadian Connections. Not bad, got the job a few days after an interview. Took 3 weeks to get the Visa. Never heard from them after that!

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I found my job through a Canadian recruitor called Foot Prints.
Through a job website. I don't remember which, but I do know that it was on a few.
Got my job through an advert in the local paper. The EFL community in Malta is very small so I had an idea of who I was dealing with. I have 3 interviews in total before getting the position. It is also a good idea to do a full background check on the company to know what you are up against.
Nice to see that people still get their jobs from a newspaper!

I got mine from a newspaper - The Globe and Mail. I had taken a leave from my public school teaching job and was going to do something different. However, I saw an interesting ad in the weekend paper and decided for the "heck" of it to apply. Bingo.... Haven't got back to my school board yet!

Yes - I really think that not only should we check out the employer/institution/school but also NEVER take a job anywhere unless they give you a reference of a present or former teacher who you can contact privately. That's my sane advice.
Word of mouth. I already knew several teachers who work for my university so it was an easy process.
Through a recruiter - ThinkOutside. Months of correspondence backwards and forwards, then as soon as I arrived, nothing, never heard from them again. Things worked out fine though.

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