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I'd like to get a nice collection of icebreakers. I asked the Canadian navy but they don't have any extra to lend out. So I'd like to ask my fellow teachers :)

Let's briefly describe our icebreaker idea and state what levels it might be appropriate for, or what age groups.

Mine is the "Lie game" and I've adapted the common variety of this game. works with any level but dead beginners.  See this post for more options.

1. Write 4 sentences on the board.
a) I have .........................
b) I can ...........................
c) I am ..........................
d) I don't ............................

2. Read the students your sentences, completed. 3 are true, 1 is a lie. Students must guess which one they think is a lie about their teacher.

3. Give each student a blank piece of scrap A4 paper and a marker.
Ask the students to write down clearly, their own 4 sentences. One must be a lie.

4. When they are finished tell them to scrunch their paper up into a ball. Ask them
what they think you will do next ? If they don't guess, say "Snowball fight!" Allot
1 min for them to throw their ball at others in the room. They can pick up the balls near them and return fire.

5. After 1 min, ring your bell. Students pick up a snowball nearest them and unwrap it. Make sure everyone has a snowball.

6. In turns, each student reads out the sentences on their snowball paper. Students listen and try to guess who it is in the class. If they can't guess. Ask and that student raises their hand. Give that student back their paper. They then read the sentences again and the class decides which is the lie.

7. Continue until the whole class is finished. It gets easier to guess, as less students are possible. If your class is too large, you can only do some of them and then collect the unread papers and guess to begin the class next lesson.

Sounds maybe a bit complicated but it isn't. And it's loads of fun and really relaxes the class. With higher level students you can change the target sentence structures to something more challenging.....I often use, I wish I were/had/could.....

What is your fav. icebreaker? Here are a few favs of another author... Also see this discussion and this discussion


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Def. a good thread to open: I posted about warm up activities on my blog. I find that the warm up and ice breaker portion of a class can be so important in setting the tone/mood of the students (something if done right, will maximize the learning capability in the classroom). Anyways, here's a file of warm up activities and some ice breakers.
Love this one! Definitely spices up the 3 truths, 1 lie game.
Very nice IceBreaker! It's a real good idea.
I got one of myself that I'm going to use for my elementary students
All you need is a hat/box and little slips of paper.

1) The students will write down their names on a piece of paper and fold it up.
2) The teacher will then collect all the names and put them in the hat/box.
3) The teacher will then pick out one paper. The teacher will say “My name is ____________”. That person has to come to the front. There, they must roll a die.
4) Depending on the number, that where the die lands, they have to perform an action or answer a question in English. For instance
i. “What’s your name”
ii. “What’s your favorite color?”
iii. “What’s your favorite food?”
iv. Dance!! (student has to do a short dance)
v. “What’s your favorite computer game?”
vi. Sing!! (student has to pretend to be a famous singer for a short time)
5) After that task is complete, that student will choose the next name. Repeat this game for another 6 students or until time has run out.

Sounds like a good idea. Will try it this evening with a young group of students.

Here is a nice list of favorite ice breakers from teachers around the world.  Many good ideas for beginning the school year, a class/course or just a quick, light activity.

Also see the icebreakers on Teaching Recipes.  Lots of nice games on our community HERE.


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