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Project Peace





Dear members in Korea,


2 things to relate and would love your feedback on. 


1. The International conference is coming up Oct. 15-16. 


It will be a great weekend, lots of Professional development available! Please come and say hello to me at the EnglishCentral booth. I'll have a sign up sheet for a free copy of my Teach | Learn "techbook"! 


I'll be giving two presentations - one for EnglishCentral, for which I've poured my passion and heart. The other on English Language Teaching and the Flipped Curriculum. Outlining what this "newish" delivery method means for us English language teachers. Indeed, a liberating paradigm shift!


2. The Kotesol Elections.


Last week I did a lot of reading and spent 3 hours listening to all the candidates. Same old, same old with one exception. 

We need to keep progressive blood in the leadership realm there. People who want to use technology for creating community and professional development possibilities. People wanting to create a strong framework for continuity. People who see that we must reach out to a wider teacher base with progressive policies like teacher certification courses, video training, more Korea teacher leaders etc.... 


The only person voicing this was Julien McNulty. See all the candidates here. 


So I want all of you to please get out to the conference and make sure to vote for Julien!

  Change, real change, only happens with the actions of each individual person.  Let's put our vote together for Julien - he gets my complete endorsement. 



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