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Do you have any resources to share or ideas for teaching these holidays?

See our main Thanksgiving page for resources, first off....

Here is a very handy book for holidays, available in our General Teaching Share area under Holidays. Also, giflingua has some presentations on holidays HERE.

As always, member Larry Ferlazzo comes shining through on his own blog - with a rundown of Thanksgiving Day websites chalk full of stuff for teachers. Thanks Larry! This page also see loads of Thanksgiving Day resources!

I really like this old but classic Family Album USA series. Easy level videos in a soap opera / sitcom fashion. Their 3 episodes on Thanksgiving show very well the traditional American holiday (football, turkey etc...) Get the videos in our A/V Player or the new Family Album page! Use the handy exercise book attached!
This video about gratitude is incredible! Use with the gratitude worksheet you will find there. 

Any other resources/ideas?

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Movember is a cool month where men grow moustaches and help raise awareness and $$$ for fighting and finding a cure for prostate cancer. 

Here's a cool video and the lesson plan for a video about how Movember got started and what it is....

Students can read the book and study the flashcards/quizzes and play games on Gif Lingua.

Register as a teacher on EnglishCentral and track student study of this video and over 10,000 more lessons.  Download the Gif Lingua PPT.

Also try the Movember Song ...


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