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Project Peace





Larry Ferlazzo is continuing an amazing series of interviews which he calls, "Teachers in Hot Spots".


Please take a read, well worth it. 


Also, I'd like to know if others know of teachers who'd be willing to be email interviewed by Larry. Other teachers now in  or  formerly in "hot spots". I'll leave you to interpret that phrase but it could mean war zones, disaster zones, isolated places etc....


Thanks in advance if you can come up with some contacts and names!



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yes, Nepal would be considered a "hot spot"!   A very beautiful one but a hotspot for sure!

Thanks Larry!

Look forward to that.


I'm Ayat, an EFL teacher, from one of the current hottest spots , from EGYPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't mind sharing in ur interviews Larry, just need to know more about the purpose of these interviews and other details if you don't mind !!!

I can also talk to some colleagues from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco to share if you would like !!


I can't seem to reply to your email. I get a "Yikes! Problem occurred" when I try to answer.

It's fine with me to reply to Larry's questions. Fire away (no pun intended).

Maxine Dorot

Ashkelon, Israel (down the road, sort of, from Gaza)



Yeah, I'm working on that bug in the messenging system. Eventually you do get to make a message but after too too many tries. Stay tuned, the tech people are going to get back to me after the easter weekend. 


Thanks for letting Larry know and I'm sure he'll follow up. 



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