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Hi, I've just completed my second week of teaching at an elementary school in Seoul and I am pretty satisfied with myself. However, today my co-teacher tells me that I have to teach other Korean teachers English twice a week. She is getting a book for them so by next Friday I should be fine. However, I have to teach them next Tuesday with no materials. Today was my first time teaching them and it was frustrating. I basically introduced myself and went over the differences between much/many/a lot because I notice that most Koreans get these words mixed up. I want something more interactive but I'm not sure how to be that way when my students are so much older than me. Any ideas for my class next Tuesday?

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Tim Zaenglein: Moving away from the text is generally my goal. Be aware that some students might see the lack of structure as laziness on your behalf. The key is to start structured and go loose. Make it appear as if moving away from the textbook was their idea not yours. Some of my best lessons have been almost pure free talking. I once talked about bizzare art forms to Public school teachers. We even got into Post- Modernist jargon. However I doubt I would have gotten their if I hadn't started somewhat structured.
If they are are a low level group (or false beginners in need of a refersher), I find this website helpful http://bogglesworldesl.com/. I would look under the Survival English and ESL for adults sections. For an intermidate level, I like http://iteslj.org/. For an advanced group, I think this website is great http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/. I hope that some of these resources are helpful in your planning. :-)
Thanks! that was really helpful!

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