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Hey everyone! I am going to be teaching the English teachers here in South Korea. I'm not sure where to find resources for them. It is going to be in 2 hour blocks twice a week...any suggestions?

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I'll write more later but check out my plethora of resources where I train/teach Korean teachers http://setiteachers.ning.com No registration required to browse and go through the forum, lots of downloads. In particular, see this thread and the English Factory text. Great book with activities/explanation that we made here at SETI . Also, see the Korean materials here in our Resources under Korea. I just uploaded a whole player full of Korean folktales in our Listening area also....but these are quite advanced...

More later, got to run. Lots of tips others can offer, I'm sure...

I'm also going to add this book here too - Teaching Reflections. Lots of surveys and teacher related content to teach with....

Teaching Reflections Finch.pdf

Also, consider these principles when teaching adults! (applies somewhat to teens also...).

Hey this is great stuff! Thanks for the resources. I have passed them along to others in need of teaching teacher resources!

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