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I've written a recommendation for EFL Classroom on ELTNEWS.com explaining why I like this site and encouraging teachers to join: EFL Classroom 2.0: A community by teachers for teachers.


Do you feel that being a member of this group has benefited you as a teacher? If you have a few minutes, and feel inclined, I'd really appreciate if you could add your thoughts to the comments for my article. I'm sure it would encourage more teachers to join this community!


Thanks in advance! This is a wonderful, supportive community, and I want to do what I can to let other teachers know about it :-)




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simply an insightful community with innovative ideas

Thank you for your reply! If you wouldn't mind, it would be most helpful if you could add your comment to the post at: http://www.eltnews.com/columns/barbs_bits_and_bytes/2011/02/efl_cla...


That way teachers who aren't yet members of this insightful and innovative community will be able to see it :-)

Dear EFL Friends,

I'm really excited and happy to share the benefits of being a member of this classroom. You can read and learn something interesting and attractive for your students at any time. You can exchange your practice and ideas with colleagues from all over the world. I highly recommend using this site, because as you know Practice Makes Perfect! Do not stop supporting it! Teachers, join us!

Good Luck for your further work!

What great reasons, Sylvia! If you don't mind, could you also post this as a comment on the article, so teachers who aren't members can also see this?




Thanks for motivating us and reminding that we are not alone .

Great reasons, Alias!


EFL Classroom motivates us and reminds us that we aren't alone.


Would you mind posting your comment in the  comments section for the article, so teachers who aren't members here can also see it?





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