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Project Peace






Teaching is an ART. I truly believe that and it is through the slow ooze of experience, of classroom trial and error that one becomes a master teacher.

I'd like to share here, my own thoughts and ruminations on teaching, good teaching. I have many years experience and will leave some notes here for others who are following. Hopefully, after a few months, I'll collect for a nice presentation for beginning teachers.

The entries will be short, concise. Meant for others to think about , ponder and arrive at their own truth. Like a koan, like a parable, like an aphorism -- a thunderbolt of thought.



Great for courses/teacher development and training. 

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# 32 What is IS.

This is my adaptation of an ancient story.....

One day, a teacher came to see a retired principal to get some advice.

He asked, "I'm really happy where I am teaching. I love my job and think my students are wonderful. However, I have a great opportunity at another school. I'm wondering what to do? What will I find at this new school - maybe I'm getting myself into a bad situation?"

The principal took a drink of his coffee then answered, " Oh, for sure, you will find even better students and even be happier than you are now!"

Next week, the principal had another teacher visit. He had a question and needed advice.

He asked the principal, "I'm really sad and depressed at my present school. The students are horrible, I hate teaching them. I've applied for a transfer and will move schools soon. However, I'm really worried about what I will find there. What do you think?"

The principal's eyes lit up and he smiled. He answered quickly, "Oh, for sure, you will find even worse students and be even more depressed than you are now!"

# 33 -- Doing nothing is also doing something.

We seem to operate like a switch. Off / On. Either you do this or you do that.

The world does not work this way and there is always the NOW - the possibility of doing nothing. This too is "action" and "doing something".

When teaching, we should consider the status quo as an option. If it works, it works. Stay on that path. Remember, you always have a third way, a third choice. And that is "doing something" which is nothing!
Thanks Dave!!!  Keep up the good work. Many people appreciate what your doing.

David - you are too kind! 


My philosophy for the moment is to "do what I can, where I can, with  what I got".    That's enough.  Keep engaged - be it with my profession or with a group of kids. 


Enjoy your weekend, this one will never come again!

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