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Project Peace





Country Project and other Geography related lessons / materials.

Here is a place / thread for all the lessons about countries and geography.

Also see our World Issues page

See all our "geography" videos here or here.

The "Where is Matt" videos are also excellent. 

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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Some other good geography materials...
World map and two more "world" activities...
I recently got "addicted" to Ellen's great find - the traveler IQ challenge. Get all the games on our Current Events page.

Here's one for a start. World Photos! I got to level 6, can you top me (155,000 points)????????
Great Game for Learning the names of countries n the Middle East...

Hmm, doesn't seem to want to embed in a discussion box (embeds fine in a new page). Oh well, here is the link.
Interactive Map of Africa, won't let me embed here or on a page, but I could embed on my page... strange, I'll try a discussion starter...

Link to swf file
(can go full screen with this)

Here are some country powerpoints, some with quizzes. Quick intros to countries.  Also see these World Nations ebooks   Canada   America  Spain  USA.


A few more country powerpoints and a cool game board!  India and Scotland. Country flags.


This country project sheet might be a great project for students to research a country and then present to the class.

Use the world nations ebooks as a reference or students can look up info on the CIA World Factbook site.


Another country game.  use with dice and students will have fun playing snakes and ladders!


A couple nice name the city/country games and a powerpoint introducing countries and then showing students how to design a travel brochure that they should produce in groups for their selected country.


Some more ppts about Continents. North America  Europe and Asia


Here are some great books and materials/worksheets on the topic of  "Wonders of the World".  

1. Ancient wonders of the world.

2. Modern wonders of the world.

3. Natural wonders of the world.

4. Life is beautiful- a unique take on "wonders of the world". Use with the brainstorming sheet attached and then share results and play book presentation. Do students agree? 


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