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Project Peace





This is a beautiful silent film that really drives home some important messages and would just be great on its own with advanced classes as a discussion prompt about "the rat race" and the ills of both school and work.

However, it works great with lower levels too. Here are some materials to help use in class. 

1. Story retelling ppt.  Show and have students retell after watching or use the cards attached also. Next read the book on Gif Lingua to take up the story and students can also study the vocabulary there. Teachers register for worksheets and to download the book as a pptx to show in class and edit. 

2. Students can also rewrite the story.  

3. Students can compare school and work using a venn diagram - see attached. Also compare themselves to a partner and find similarities/differences.

4. Finally consider having students do the attached grammar poem to express what is special about their life and selves. They can present in class. 

Enjoy this fine animated video!

Download for offline viewing.

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This is just such an amaaaazing site! Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for the vote of confidence Elize.  Takes some time to learn what's here but after that it's easy. I'm working on our monthly newsletter to send out ... here is the last one. http://community.eflclassroom.com/page/march-2017-newsletter

This is a great resource and very topical in today's rat race we all run. Thank you very much.

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