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BAAM GAMES -- Create some excitement in your class.

BAAM is a great way to "review" student learning. Students love it and unlike many games, it keeps all students engaged and focused. Even get your students making the BAAM games to play!

GET the templates in 3 sizes:  Large, Medium, Mini  HERE.

Here are the rules of BAAM.

Please feel free to modify these BAAM games. To change the BAAM slides, just drag them to a different position but be sure to always keep the HOME slide in the same position!

Enjoy! Also check out our GAMES page,.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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Thanks Jessica!

I'll transfer a copy over to the Christmas folder so others can find it there.
Here are two BAAM games using the pictures for the Elementary curriculum/books. Let's .... and Routines. Make your own using the pictures, it's easy!

Change the BAAMs by moving the buttons and renumbering each button on the home board.
This is a BAAM game that I made to practice superlatives. It was inspired by David's earlier blog post about world records.
Thanks a milion. It very much avails for my kids.
Hi guys. Haven't been on here for a while, but just finished making a World Cup BAAM, and thought I'd share it. It's a little Korea-centric, so may need editing for other countries. Hope you like it.

Al :)

BAAM - world cup 2010.ppt
Howdy Al,

I'm sure it is wonderful as usual. Your Wallace and Gromit Baam is still a classic! Cheers and thanks!

I've also put this up in our World Cup resources.
These two baam games are made using the photos in our Quizlet group! Easy to do, just copy them there and they are creative commons and copyright proof. Plus students can go there and practice afterwards. Practice makes perfect!
here's one on lesson 7 for the 3rd grade Korean text book-which is about different customs and gestures...
Great!! Thanks!

Hi. This a very clever game! (Never tried using powerpoint in this way - impressed by what it can do, and indeed what you have done with it!) At first I thought I was missing something - it was only when I played the presentation did I realise how it works!


Just out of curiosity, to those that have used it: do people prefer small teams (pairs / threes) or splitting the class into, say, 2 teams?




How do you edit the new ones?



Do you mean how to change the numbers around to make them random (on the home board)?  


For that , it is the same. You have to just switch those that are the same color. Take the top off (invisible part) and then drag the rest aside. Replace with a new one and then take that one and put where the second one was... 


It sounds complicated but isn't. I'll make a screencast you can watch tomorrow (it is late here), if it will help. 



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