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Project Peace





Consolidating all our resources for this month AND Martin Luther King Day (third Monday of January).

1.  Students can read this book about Black History or this book about the life of Martin Luther King. See the worksheets attached for students to research his life and read more. This is my fav. MLK Jr. speech.  Teachers that register on Gif Lingua get early Beta access and can download books as ppts / epubs and worksheets. Here is the pptx for MLK Jr.  I also highly recommend his Drum Major speech.

2.  This video has some nice resources listed about this great man. Also, Oprah Winfrey's speech about Rosa Parks and transcript/vocabulary. Further, an activity about the U2 song - In the name of love.

3.  President Obama is a big inspiration to millions. See resources / ideas HERE.

4.  Race:  Jesse Owens. Find resources for teaching about this movie HERE.

5.  Usain Bolt. Great video lesson about this inspiring black athlete. The Boy Who Learned To Fly.

6.  A wonderful activity for Black History Month is to have students research and complete a timeline of black history - from Africa pre slaves to the present. Major events. See the template attached. 

7.  Larry Ferlazzo has shared a huge list of references on this topic that teachers should peruse. 

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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Here is the ppt from Gif Lingua Books. Teachers can download all books as ppts - a great way to support the reading of the book individually by reading after as a class and discussing. 


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