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We have lots of simple templates, graphic organizers here on the community to get your students "brainstorming". 

It's an underrated lesson type and skill set that really gets students using higher order thinking skills. Plus, it is super simple to do and can lead interesting places. 

Here is an example of all the brainstorming books on Gif Lingua - Things That Are Slippery. Registered teachers get pdf worksheets for all these books. Simply print and do the lesson as follows;

1. Ask students to name a few things that are slippery. Make sure they understand the concept.

2. Provide the worksheet and ask students to brainstorm in groups or pairs. 

3. As a class take up the answers from the students. Have one student record the answers on the board or on the screen. 

4. View the book together and check answers. Each answer that matches the book gets a point. Who got the most points?  Or alternatively, just have the students read the book and study the quizzes / flashcards for the book on Gif Lingua. 

That's it - fun and simple! 

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