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Project Peace





This is a great lesson for teens, young adults - dating. 

See the attached handouts with discussion questions.  Students can also read the book on Gif Lingua. 

The lesson is based on a series of videos - Tell My Story.

The videos are about blind dates. The man and woman sit and guess things about each other by "first impressions".  The answers are checked. After the interview, they each decide whether they want to date the other person and also share their prediction prior speaking, based on first impressions. 

It's interesting, clear and contextualized language for learners. Here's how you can use the Man / Woman worksheets.

1. Provide women with the Man sheet. Men with the Woman sheet. They watch and predict what each will answer, just like the people on the show. 

2. Before playing the video, stop the video at a frame showing just the man and woman. They predict if their person would want to date the other. 

3. Continue playing each part after students fill in their predictions. Discuss what students predicted and how different it is/was from the reality. 

I've provided the .doc handout so if you want to use with other videos in the series, you can change the questions and print out.  Some episodes repeat questions, some change just some questions. You'll have to check to do other episodes. 


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