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It's a super-duper simple powerpoint I made today...but it worked quite well when I used it in the classroom because of the cartoon characters names. They begin with the same letter as the particular day of the week...

Mickey Mouse, Tiger, Winnie the Pooh, Thumper, Frog (couldn't think of a cartoon beginning with 'f'), Snoopy and Superman...

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You forgot Felix the cat!
thanks, I used this for lesson 2 with a bit of adjustment if you don't mind. I first showed the students the picture of the cartoon character and the name of the character as a clue. They then had to look at the first letter of the name and match it with the first letter of a day of the week.
Beautiful as always Shelagh.

Your stuff works well because of the cartoon content!

I'll also mention my own cartoon quiz video. But in another vein. I also like this Simpson's Family vocab for teaching relationships. One of a few like that you can find here....
Great job.Very useful.Thanks for sharing it.
Thanks for sharing it. Very useful and  cute pictures.
thanks a lot, I have uploaded your ppt to my daughter's blog (with your name under it)
Great! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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