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Fling the Teacher is a cool game. Students try to "fling" the teacher by answering 15 questions correctly. They can get help if needed. They are easy to make.  You can watch me make a game, it's easy as pie! Your students will love them.  Get the games here too.

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I made this for Wallace and Gromit's A Close Shave, Episodes 1 & 2. It's a mixed bag of visual Qs, grammar, vocab, and pronunciation. Many of the Qs are taken from the student book.

Hope you like it. :)
I made this one for general use for some of my conversation classes. There are no more than two questions per country and I would say that the questions are low to mid level.
This is for my 2nd grade (middle school) students for a midterm review.
Hi, here is a Fling the Teacher Game I made for learning infinitives and the word, "must." Enjoy!
Here's another one for general conversation and grammar.
Sorry! I noticed that when I made question 3, I wrote part of it in Hanguel. The program didn't read it and the section of that question is just left blank. @_@

The question should read:
"What is the English word for 동 사 (dong sa)?"

Answer: "Verb"
wow guys. these are awesome. I also know many Korean teachers are making Fling the teacher games after attending my workshop or more notably - workshops from other Korean teachers who are presenting this game at their own workshop. One such person will show others Fling the Teacher at a workshop this week and I'll break up the party and ask the Korean teachers to share here too.....

I'll get around to making a nice table and sort out all these for one place, easy access...

Thanks for sharing.

Hey David,

Thanks so much! I can't tell you how much I've relied on your ideas and website this year! If you are able to get a table together for the Fling games, that would be really helpful!.



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