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We have a lot of grammar related resources on the community. Here we'll begin to gather them together. 

However, the best spot to go for now is our Grammar Page.  Loads of resources. 

See all the grammar courses on EnglishCentral. Put them on and then assign to students through your class page.

More Grammar PPTS here.

Also grammar books here.

Grammar Worksheets here

Grammar Discussions here.

Grammar Videos here.  Plus a folder of downloadable grammar videos.

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I love games, David. I think one of the best ways to teach/learn grammar is to play it as grammar lessons are usually so boring with no activity. Just the teacher should talk and students listen to him, or at least to ask some questions .Even these questions.(as I've experienced many times) often leads to get more confused. So, in this way(playing) we can make it fun and active as all students are involved in learning/teaching process. In addition, in games, usually you come up with so many new ideas.

Dear David,

What awesome resources, especially the first PDF!! I really found them useful.

Here are some ppts to use with Azar grammar book (2nd edition) and the presentations on our grammar page. Get all of them in this folder.


Here are some resources to help with comparatives/superlatives.  Also see videos on this HERE.


Another nice game to practice comparative statements.  from http://leofuchigami.com/lessons/. Some other lessons there, free to use from this retired teacher. 


Here are some ppts for teaching and students practicing prepositions. 


A couple more ppts that review prepositions of place. 


Here are some resources for teaching conditionals. 

1. A nice grammar explanation ppt about all the conditional forms and how to make them

2. What if? Extensive list of interesting questions - see alsothis full lesson on What If?

3. If cards. Students match if statements with a possible action. 

Loads more "conditional" related materials on the community. 

Try: If I had a million dollars |  Live Curiously Nat Geo  | If I ride  videos - search all "if" videos


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