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Graphic organizers are so important to teachers and students. They are a great foundation of learning, organizing experience for further hypothesis and learning....use 'em!

We have a powerpoint with all sorts of essential/basic types of organizers. Very handy to use and put up on the board with a screen (so you can write on them). Also, go HERE for other graphic organizers to download! This page also has a great overview of organizers and the types/uses for EFL / ESL.  Brain Pop too, has loads of simple graphic organizers in pdf to download.

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Absolute gorgeous material! I hope I can make my students work with it!!
Here are some more graphic organizers!

You might also be interested in Tony Buzan's video presentation on mind mapping. The attached template can be used in millions of ways...
This has some nice graphic organizers in it.

Also, see my "mind map" organizer - really generic and handy for almost all brainstorming....

I made  this handy, large K W L organizer that could be useful for some teachers. 


Plan to show a video. Before, ask what students Know about the topic. Get them to brainstorm in the K row

Next ask student what they want to know/learn about the topic. Get them to brainstorm in the W row

Finally, watch the video. After, ask students what they learned. Get them to brainstorm what they learned. 


Alternatively, you can do all these steps as a whole class and not just groups. 


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