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This is similar to the picture puzzle game! Here is a nice template for playing a guessing game with photos. Use it as a pure guessing game or as a score board. Students answer questions and if right, can choose a square and try to guess the photo for more bonus points.

How to change the photos: On a slide, click and grab the box on the edge of the yellow. Drag it to the side. Click and delete. Then paste in or insert your own photo. Slide the box back under the yellow boxes. Continue changing the other slides. You will want to preview the game yourself to know what it looks like. Make sure you click on the Slideshow tab before you show your screen to your students. There are 10 boards in this file.

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Lovely template and animations... makes me want to go look at the other type of Guess Who game (does your person wear glasses? Is your person bald? etc etc)

How about using class photos for the people? Maybe with some instructions on appropriate/inappropriate "observations"... or maybe that would be asking for trouble.

Seek and ye shall find... someone has made an editable online version of this idea: How to Set Up the Guess Who Game for Your Students
Help! I need the answers to the Guess Who photos...

Here's the ppt with the names included - I should have thought of that! Just right click and choose "notes" when it is playing... or look under each slide where the notes are contained.

The tricky ones are Beyonce, Susan Boyle, Usain Bolt,
Let's talk about celebrities!

Here are a few more Guess Who games with explanation.  Fun to play!


These presentations help teach the language to describe people as practiced in these Guess Who games. 


This presentation teaches typical personality adjectives  lazy/intelligent/easy-going etc...  Also has a nice game idea. 


This lesson plan fully describes how to play the "What is it" guessing game for beginners. Lots of fun and a nice template too - to build your own game. 

The who is it ppt also is a nice template to make your own game in the same vein with people your students will definitely know.....


This video is just for fun, for teachers!  But find some more "Guess Who" resources attached. 

Guess Who? from Chris Lane on Vimeo.


And another board for this game to print out and use. 


A couple more handy sheets with guess who game materials. One which the students fill out as a profile and then guess each other. A nice ice breaker / warmer for the start of the year. 


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