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Leveled Reading materials / Readers and Worksheets for them (if available)

Leveled readers for printing and use in the EFL Classroom. Make your own library!

Also be sure to register as a teacher and use Gif Lingua. You can download books (2,000+) and worksheets for books. 

You will need to be able to "extract" or "unzip" many of these files.  Use our Stories  page for more leveled readers. 
First - right click on the file after you download and choose either "unzip" or "extract". If this doesn't appear, you'll need to download either easyzip or unzip - available on our software page. 
Here is a nice tutorial about "zipped" files. 

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Here are quizzes for the leveled reading materials in our  A/V player.

Here are a couple of higher level audio books.
Here are all the worksheets for the leveled readers
Here are some free reading stories - dozens. Just print and fold them to make the books! Lots with pictures.

Here is a lesson plan suggested for these books.

Reading connected text accuracy (passage)

Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K
Group Size: Small Group, Whole Class
Length: 10 minutes
Materials: None
Goal: Given a written passage, read it aloud ( abc def ghi -> "abc" "def" "ghi" )
Items: Select a fiction or non-fiction passage here
What to do

1. Write the story on the board or print it and project it on an overhead projector.
2. Let's read a story. Get ready. Wait until everyone is sitting ready.
3. I'm not going to read this first. You're going to read each word as I point to it. Remember to sound out the word silently if you don't recognize it straight away. Ready?
4. Point just beneath the first word. Pause for three seconds (less if all students are able to keep up). What's the word?
5. Continue with the other words in the sentence, pointing beneath the word, pausing for three seconds, then asking: What's the word? Try to ensure you are bringing all students with you. If needed, give individual students a chance to start again from the beginning of each sentence.
6. For irregular words say: The next word is a trick word. Point beneath the word and pause for three seconds. What's the word? If you are confident students can read irregular words, fade this prompt--just point beneath the word as you do for other words.
7. Okay, now let's read the story again from the beginning. Go back through the story with slightly shorter pauses. Give individuals who are not following a chance to read a sentence on their own.
8. Optionally, go through the story one more time, a little faster again and without asking What's the word?

Related activities
Thank you so much!
Here are some kindergarten readers good for beginning esl readers. In pdf. Here are a few examples and get all in the zip file. These are all non-fiction

Fun and Games - Then and Now.pdf

I Can See.pdf
Here are some vocabulary readers for beginning readers.

Here are more mini books. Great for running an extensive reading program. Print and fold and students can read. Get them to gloss as they read (put difficult words in their own language in the margin to help others). Only 2-3 glossed words / page.

Also use the Reading Response questions with these or start a Reading Circle Enjoy!

thank you. The books are ready helpful.

Thank you.I loved the books so much.

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