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Name 3 is a very simple vocab. discussion game idea. 


1. Give students in small groups, a gamesheet, a grid of 36 prompts.  Students roll the die and must Name 3 for the items chosen. (click on the die on the game sheet to get an electronic version or students can use regular die, die on their phones or hands like rock, paper, scissors where a fist is the number 6)


2. Students will answer in full sentences. Help students by putting up some language structures on the board.   For example, for people.   __________      are       _______________

__________  usually     _______________


Students must "Name 3" things about the item within a given time. Or to make it simplier, just have them make one sentence or comment. More points for more connections. 


Really simple but lots of language learning and production. You can also edit these gamesheets and put in your own items for students to practice with! If you do, please share the sheets here!


If you liked this game idea, you might enjoy Only Connect games. 





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I like the game... and I think it could be adapted for 'regular' elementary use too. It's amazing how little practice kids get with organizing their thoughts to speak- not just spontaneous conversation. But I dont understand how you represent 6 digits with rock, paper, scissors?

Happy New Year Ellen!

Yes, agree and glad you mentioned that it is very helpful in allowing students to "think" and "order their thoughts" but in a specific and controlled way.  Not easy to think in another language and this is a vital part of second language acquisition - beyond speaking and more spontaneous/automatic response. 

Here are a couple more games for your use. Might even play it without the dice and just as a guessing game. One person describes and the others try to be the first to guess.... 


I have sent message for you.

 I didn't use EFL from long time ago

here are 3 more discussion style games, they compliment the online and ppt versions of these found HERE.

1.  Finish it off

2.  when did you last

3.  Advantages / Disadvantages


Here is a nice Name 3 Olympic sport game. Students who land on it must name the sport and as many words/items about the sport as possible. They get points for each thing mentioned. 


Here is a nice gameboard for practicing names of countries. Or go further and students must name the country and then more things about the country (points for each thing/city/feature etc...) 


This is Russia.  The Volga is a river in Russia. Moscow is the capital city. Putin is the President. Russians produce vodka.  = 4 points. 

Also goes well with our games/ppts for Flags of the world.


Here is another version of the Name 3 game. Brainstorm for 15 minutes and see who gets the most points. 


Here is a nice online example of the game you can use on a screen and play with students. 

Also see the extra resources attached featuring Scattegories and instructions on how to play. 

Make sure to also view our Board Game resources. 


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