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Project Peace





This game really helps teach "inductively" and really gets students involved and thinking.... Either orally or written, have the students come up with possible answers using the phrase,

_________ is not like the others because.................. (See the attached Worksheet and videos below).

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Here is the most famous song of the cookie monster, of the same name! Get the audio and video in the ppt.

These are great, David! I was engaged just looking at them by myself... I especially like the slippery quality of your groupings, that they can be looked at in more than one way. Did you come up with the examples all on your own?

At first I thought, no, this is the most famous cookie monster song...
...but then I realized it was this one!

I love cookie monster! I read in the comments on youtube that he has been banned from Sesame Street because he promotes obesity... no he doesn't! He's just a little cookie monster!

Never mind! He's just eating less cookies ... he's decided he likes fruit too : )

The cookie monster is sacred! Just tell me who would ever "ban" him...let me at 'em!

I've had the C is for Cookie video in karaoke for a long time. One of the first songs I did - with love and affection....

Yes, my own groupings! I'm glad you noticed that I really tried to get the selections to best give what you called "slipperyness". I think I succeeded, maybe it's because my mind does (at times) think quite well outside the box. I've been blessed to see connections where others would be exasperated. I really think this kind of "thinking" is such a necessary and productive thing. Teachers - get using this.....

Can you imagine if every letter had such a good song?
Great game, thanks.
You're welcome Marie. I've gotten such good response from teacher's on this one.... They really love the creativity which comes out from their students.

See the worksheet I've made up , for a handy way to get students in groups writing the sentences and making it a more brainstorming / writing practice game also.....

Here is a very simple version of the game but with real photos. Just show and get students to respond by stating - The _________(s)   is / are not like the others because  it / they ___________________.


Endearing, as always!

Good job, David! : )

Here is a similar game with some cool categories asking students to come up with some creative answers and guess "The Odd One Out". 


Here are a couple of handy worksheets on this subject - not like the others.


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