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This is my newest game - based on an old standard.

Play the music and pass around a piece of paper. Whoever has the paper when the music stops, must do what the slide says.... Continue playing.

Really easy and a great motivational tool to get students speaking and forgetting that big "affective filter"! You also can use it with your own material. Use either the General or Just do it version! [Get question handouts here]  See my full blog post about the game HERE.

Finish It Off! - PTP game (full screen)

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Glad you like it!  It can be very flexible and used for almost any topic, just put in your own questions. I've used it a lot for workshops, for prompting background knowledge and an ice breaker. Without a doubt, the Manamana song seems the most popular. 

Here is a nice Guess The Animal - PTP game.  Simple and fun.   For animal presentations, see this one or our Lesson In A Can #111.  Also this .gif presentation


A neat variation on this game made by a teacher - Pass The Mic.  Featuring really easy replies and the Batman theme song. 


Here is a template using a rubber chicken. So you'll need a rubber chicken to "pass the chicken". Fill in with your own conversation prompts or review questions. 


Here are a couple of Pass the paper style games that are a bit different. A little more "sensational" - Avengers and one a little more simple, Pass The Ball  Pokemon. 

I also really really like this Pass the Paper Truth or Lie game! Really works!


For beginners, a basic Pass the Paper where students need to do the action for the body part shown. Plus a simple worksheet and answer ppt. 


Here is another version, Pass The Bomb.  Read the instructions but students must say expressions and if they have the "bomb' when the timer runs out, they don't get a point. 

Also a nice "pokemon" version of this game. 


Here is a template, very simple, to the tune of "hot potato". 

Copy the slides and put in your own prompts. 


Great Material and great idea! Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome.  These types of games really work to get students that might be a little shy, speaking some English, relaxed and having fun. Can just change the topic/questions and use for most lessons. 

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