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Here are some good powerpoints and course resources which outline many facets of public speaking.

Find a full coursebook with multimedia for teaching HERE.

This Gif Lingua book has some nice tips for students. Teachers register to get the download button for books and there is a nice speech template there. 

Also, use our A/V player. The folder marked - Presentation Practice has a lot of essential videos for teaching public speaking in the classroom. You can download them by clicking the arrow on the right of each video. Or stream directly. Supporters also get access to our EnglishCentral famous speeches ebook and video library. Dozens of famous speeches your students can speak. 

I also recommend these HP You On You videos. Wonderful models. 

 I also recommend you check out Speaking About Presenting - she has great tips and handouts.

Good and Bad ways of Making a Speech! (Full Screen)

Also view this presentation for lots of helpful tips/pointers!

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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Here is our 50 page full coursebook for teaching public speaking. The Power Of Presentations.

Click on the links in the pdf for the additional resources. 


Here are a couple of good ppts to modify plus a handy presentation cloze for students to make and then deliver a quick, solid presentation.

Here is a nice presentation for a brief introduction on public speaking. Also, a handy cloze for students to quickly make a solid presentation and then deliver a speech. 


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