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It's Canada Day and I thought I'd start a place for any resources to teach students about Canada.

Go here for a full folder of resources and  a wonderful  presentation of "Amazing Wonders of Canada" with real Canadians talking. 

Try these two Gif Lingua books with quizzes. 1. Canada  2. Canadianisms  All the Canada related books with worksheet sets for teachers -  HERE.

Fling the Teacher Game   

Lots of great resources in this pdf.

The "Talking Canadian" Series

Another O'Canada presentation. And this great Wonders of Canada presentation

Go here for additional resources and more video!  Here is the number one teacher in Canada!

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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Let's not forget our legendary MIXWIT Contest and my Homesick Playlist. Lots of great Canadian music.....

I didn't win but I resurrected this playlist from the grave (Mixwit was shut down by the music "industry" (read Nazis).
Here's the old CBC Sign off - nice photos of Canada...

If you are a Canadian and homesick -- check out and chill to this playlist of Canadian songs I made with the now defunct, Mixwit..... And then there is this classic Canadiana....

Here is an addition free resource from Canada Reader that teachers might use.  

Go here for a full edition.


These 3 presentations really highlight what Canada is all about ...   This is a video version of the "Canada is ..." ppt attached. 

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0


Here are a couple more presentations that really highlight Canada well ....


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