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Let's share here, our song lyric sheets!  I will upload most of mine, many which go with the videos in the discussion - International Singers in English.  Scroll through the pages below.

Also see my 50 Ways to use Music In The Classroom for ideas. 


Here are the complete videos but for info. about each singer go to the discussion.  Also, in our videos tagged "lyrics" -  you can get a lyric sheet with the video and also activity ideas. Also, get our Glee Songbook with videos! Your students will love this and its perfect for a camp or whole course. 



  Also get our Pop Song lyric book with music videos for all the songs.  All you will ever need to teach pop songs in class. 
Most of the time, I do a "foldem" lyric sheet. The student folds the sheet "hotdog" style. Fills in the left and after, checks the answers while listening again.....

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Up On The Roof is a classic Drifters song with a great beat... students will enjoy this cover version and interesting video with the song. Use with the attached listening sheet. 

The video might even work if you get students in groups. One can't see the video and the others describe the action (sound off).  Then play and have students do the worksheet.

Download for in class use.


Horse With No Name is a classic of American rock.  Here is a nice listening lyric sheet and video for teaching the language of the song. Or just enjoy!

Download for offline use.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0


A classic #1 song of 1970.  Raindrops keep falling on my head.   Play and use with the lyric listening sheet. Ask students after what they think the song is about - eternal optimism despite setbacks.... 


You've got a friend - a classic song to use in the classroom. Leads into many interesting subjects. Slow and a perfect listening material. Use with the listening cloze sheet attached. 



Let's Stay Together is a classic Marvin Gaye song - also made a hit by Tina Turner. Students will  love it! 

Get students to first try and fill out the listening lyric sheet. Then listen and check and sing together. Stay together!


John Mayer's song - Say what you need to say will interest students.  

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0Download

Use to get students writing about what they think they need to say (and to who), before it is too late. 


Beautiful song, slow cadence by Oleta Adams. Use with listening cloze sheet and resources attached.

Also see the Gif Lingua book on ways to travel ...HERE.

Download the video.


A very famous song - Tears In Heaven.  Nice listening sheet. 

Students can read the book on Gif Lingua and study the vocabulary. Also teachers - register to get worksheets for this and all books. 


Classic Sting song that is great to do when the topic is New York.  

Here's a book about New Yorkon Gif Lingua Books + extra worksheets for registered teachers.


A nice song (but a little fast) about Galway Ireland. Ed Sheeran. Use with the attached worksheet. 


This is a classic - Heaven by Bryan Adams. Nice, slow acoustic version that students can follow. Ask students before to try and fill out the worksheet. Then listen,students can correct. 

Students can also read and study this book about Heaven on Gif Lingua.  Teachers register to get the worksheets and also to view videos that go with worksheets. 


Bryan Adams - Cuts like a knife. 

This is one cool song, lots of repetition for student practice. Use with the lyric listening sheet attached. 

Also students can read and practice language related to the word "cut" through these books on Gif Lingua. 

Cut - Things that cut. 


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