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Project Peace





This book is a classic and I'll be uploading chapters with audio - as I make them. See the video below but get the powerpoints for a clearer text version. 


Also see other support materials for using this with your students. The first chapter in particular, is stellar for any lesson about interpretation or drawing / self - expression / creativity. 

Students can also read and study this Gif Book.



Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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Here are the audio files for the little prince. Literary (what the powerpoint is) and Theatrical readings. 


Here is the clearer video version. 


Study this on EnglishCentral. 

I love this book - always have. This presentation will help me to share it with some of my students, so thank you! The vocab. meanings will be very useful. One thing, though, at the beginning of Chap. 2, there is a translation into Portuguese (I think) of the word "sheep". Is this a misprint? Thank you, once again!

Let me check on that.  

I've been meaning to get back to making this book as a presentation and will do so!  This section will help as it introduces the story and is my favorite part.  

Here is a nice summary of the whole book and can be used for intro/review. 


Thank you, David!

Here is a more advanced summary of the story book and great for ELLs. 


The movie animation is coming soon and here's a video activity to harness that interest. 

Just play the movie trailer once without subtitles.  Then handout the sequence cards (students can cut up or just order by number). Ask students to try to put them in order. Watch again without subtitles as many times as needed. Then check with the subtitled version playing. 

A perfect short lesson!  Students can then study this on EnglishCentral! Or make your own teacher account and assign it to students.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0


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