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I discovered this short video through my PLN today and immediately knew I had to make a lesson plan for it. Thank you my FB teacher friends, it's a gem.

Students can now read the book on Gif Lingua Books and study the vocabulary. 

the present2

The video is a simple story and here is my simple way to use it in class.

1. Play the video and stop at 2:40. Ask the students what they think will happen next. Discuss. [I like first just watching, enjoying a video together. Learning doesn't have to be all work, no play. ]

2. Give students the sentence strips. Ask them to cut them up. In pairs/groups, ask the students to put them in order.

3. Watch the video again and students can check their answers/order. At the end, read the correct sequence as a class. Download the worksheet and sequence cards

4. Students complete the one page worksheet. Take up the answers and share their simple sentence about what the video taught them. Many different ways to use this in class - mine is just one of them!

Enjoy this beautiful message. Ok, now time for me to get outside! Get all the hundreds of video lessons with resources on EFL Classroom 2.0 - see the list HERE.

More Videos on EFL Classroom 2.0  |  Download for offline use

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Here is the cartoon version.  Download the attached file which has empty bubbles which the students can rewrite and then present to the class. Great activity!


This video would make a great compliment to the lesson.  A real story and relationship between a boy and a dog. 


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