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The Price is Right -- Deal or No Deal -- teaching numbers and fun!

Use these games to teach numbers/prices. Who is the best shopper in the class? Play in groups/teams with whiteboards for guessing the price. Also, for points use a bag of money for excitement!

One is the emart version - korean won
Two is the ehyundai online shopping version - korean won
Three is the ToysRus - American dollar version

Deal or no deal is played in two teams. One team is the banker, the other the "guest". Whatever amount the 1st guest agrees to -- the other team must beat the second round when it is reversed. Really can promote negotiating skills! Also try the online Price is Right game in our Arcade!

Watch what happens to Taylor on his 19th birthday!

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Deal or No Deal games
Here is a "hot" Price is Right. Using the Big Mac Index Here and Here - students must guess at the price in USD of a big mac in selected countries. Also guess the country and bonus questions...

Also visit this slideshow for a nice comparison of how much selected families around the world spend on food! Also, in our A/V player is a nice video in the Small World folder about food around the world...
Here is an updated version of the eMart Price is right game for Korean students. All prices in won.
I have to say these games are ace for little kid i try it with high school but it;s harder to entertain them but there still really great fun!!!
Here is some play money that can be photocopied, "crumpled" and put into a big bag. Students or groups that win a point, can reach in and pick out a bill. Others can ask - How much did you get? At the end of the game, the students/group with the most amount of money win!

An easy way to put an element of chance into the game + keep point tallying simple!

Hi Dave:  Don't you have the Monopoly game as well somewhere?

Yes, that's in our traditional board game section. HERE.

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