Here is a nice list of youtube commercials that are the best of the best - for use in the classroom. See this blog post and this older one, for full lists and suggestions regarding using commercials in the classroom.

This ebook contains all you will ever need for teaching with commercials. 

Also, find the Commercial analysis chart I designed. Students can use it and analyze commercials.
The Fact / Opinion exercise is good for seeing if they can tell in commercials, what is fact, what is opinion.

Get the Mediawise video and materials below. Makes for a good media awareness lesson about commericals.

You will also find loads of commercials for click and play in our A/V player under WATCH.

Use our full directory to all the best commercials to use for teaching English. 

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Here is a nice video which teaches about Media Awareness. Also the accompanying quiz for after viewing...
You'll love Slim Goodbody!

Here is a basic blank dialogue for students to use to make / film a tv commercial in class. Lots of fun!

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

I love all of this. Thanks.
Thanks for the thumbs up Elias!

Have you seen my older blog posts with suggestions too? One here and the older one here...

I'm sure if we do a search, there will be a lot of other material about commercials here on EFL 2.0.

Here is a worksheet and ideas for a full 1 or 2 lessons based on this "Force be with You" commercial. Enjoy! 





Here is a nice ebook with all the links / resources you'll ever need to use commercials in your English language classroom. Use with our directory of the best commercials. Your students will love learning English with commercials!


Here is another version of the "Make A TV Commercial" dialog worksheet above... 

Use with this real commercial which shows the language well. 


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