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This will be a place to collect video for our community, video by ELT professionals on a variety of teaching topics. Lots of conference video exists and we have a lot already in our video section. However, it would be handy to have here.... so post up your favorite ELT presenter and share some of their and your own thoughts....

Here's a first offering. Bonny Norton, who has done some seminal work in the area of "Language and Identity" gives the plenary at the IATEFL 2009. (identity is so important in our classrooms! Let students learn language by expressing their own lives/world - is what Bonnie shows is effective). Starts at about the 5 min. mark.

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This is an interview on a wide range of topics by Scott Thornbury. He speaks about http://www.thornburyscott.com/tu/Sources.htm" target="_blank">his dogme theory - teaching unplugged and without a textbook. Lots more... From JALT 2009.

Jeremy Harmer is a leading figure in ELT. Especially for notable is his on "How to Teach English"

He's a very entertaining speaker. Here he talks about filming teachers. Click here to find a very engaging talk on "Motivating Students".

David Graddol and his free pdf publication : English Next, is a major thinker about the future of the English language. Here is an interview he gave in India recently on this subject.

A very recent video from the K-12 online conference, highlighting the wonders and challenges of teaching abroad - especially in an International School. Lots of different teaching voices...

Dr. Susan Barduhn is a professor at the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont and is leading voice in TESOL teacher-training. She talks about what it is to be a teacher-learner (only first and last part of her lecture). See the slides HERE.

Hi David,

I went to look up the Frustration, Anxiety & Tension (FAT) videos, and none of them are working... are they just gone?

I remember them as being the most important teaching videos I have viewed, for any teacher. So easy to forget, too : )

I"m looking into it - will fix when I find them...promise.

Here is a nice and very thought filled presentation about Prensky's Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. Dave White believes we should use the terms visitors and residents instead...

Gavin Dudeney is traveling and giving a great presentation addressing - What Is Digital Literacy?  See the PDF attached.


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