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Japan, still mysterious but still modern. Enticing both ancient and modern. A world inviting and not the wild west of teaching. Many teachers try the JET program, a very established program for placing teachers in Japan.

My fav. video is a documentary about a grade 4 Japanese class - Children full of joy! Unfortunately, not available online...but these others will help you get information!

Here's a start, a longer program of a teacher Matt. His life and times. (38 min).

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A teacher talks about all things "Japanese"....

Working in Japan, lots of info...

Visa concerns about teaching in Japan.

A personal view of teaching in Japan! Nice and personal.

Great News... the special Children Full of Joy is now available on YouTube!! Here is the link to part 1


Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society has got nothing on Mr. Kanamori. What a hero. I am truly inspired.

On the job training! :D He is cute. At first I wasn't very good... you get better :D

I would not want to try holding the attention of 60 elementary students, unless I had something like dry ice tricks to fall back on!

Thanks again and I'll amend the intro. to this. I don't think anything will beat Children Full of Life (my bad memory on the name and using "Joy") for those thinking of teaching in Japan.

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