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SEE all the What the Wordles on our WHAT THE WORDLE PAGE. All of them just click - pause - check.

Get The Extra Game Presentations!

Wordle is a great place to create "word pictures". I've used it to create these vocabulary games. Play with the worksheet. Students guess the category/title/topic. Then, they try to add more vocabulary items to those shown. More points for each additional "valid" word. Lots of brainstorming fun. See ELT and Tech tutorials for info. on how to make your own Wordles.

Get your own students making their own wordles to practice/learn your own curriculum content!

What the Wordle LOW
What the Wordle Mixed (very high level)
A few new ones... FULL SCREEN - here's the newest on Picasa.

Here's a newly edited one...FULL SCREEN

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Here is a larger version without any formatting. Just use to present vocab to students.

What the Wordle Full
I tried to do something different with this presentation of wordles. Simply GO HERE and see them. Play What the Wordle. It is in my Picasa web album - something teachers might use!

Here are the ppt versions of the above Full Screen presentations. So you can print (use File- Print Preview - #slides/page - print (# of page)).
Here's the latest - word order/grammar What the Wordle. Students sort out the questions and then ask to each other/get the answer...

Here's the latest wordle - What the Wordle Conversation. I'll be adding wordles to this in the near future. Great to prompt conversation, interview or use as a game...

Here is an easy version of Odd word out. I call it - What the Wordle is Different?

Here is a higher level What the Wordle - Word Order presentation. A fun way to do exercises.

The newest and coolest What the wordle yet! This is a great way to promote student thinking skills and higher level learning.
What the Wordle In common?

One of these things is not like the others - What the Wordle version! PPT forthcoming...

I think these are awesome. Can we create our own wordles. Where can we find templates. Can be alter the ones we have already downloaded to create our own wordles. btw the text messaging activities are great too.

I've updated the top description so you can find where you can make Wordles. Also, many more presentations I've made on our What the Wordle page.

Yeah, you are right, they really get students thinking and motivated. So simple to use too...

To save your wordle, you will have to use some kind of screen capture technology. I recommend SNAG IT but you can also just use Print Screen (hit your Control button + Print Screen then save).
Here is the latest What the Wordle - What the Acronym?
Find the answer sheet of acronyms attached.


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