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Help, Mediafire, Keepvid, Resources Download for Resources, Access to Sites from China,



Has anyone else had issues access Mediafire from China?  I've been told my settings are certainly correct so I'm not sure what's going on.  In fact, I can access but I can't download.


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Also, in the meantime, is there a place on eflclassroom where there is downloads of all the material aswell (video's etc)?  And does Keepvid or similar work on the eflclassroom?  Similarly, is there a program I could use to access and downloadmediafire files?  I don't mind if its in bulk.  That's fine!

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Replies to This Discussion

First you need to know that China has censorship of many sites and extensions in place.  You may get to the site but not be able to download.  If you do not have a connection via a VPN through through your browser it won't happen for you.  I am in Qingdao China and have used it with some success.  Google has a link to ExpressVPN, which is a paid service but please investigate others.  This will connect you to the source nearest your position.  Mine is LA.  Hope you find something that works for you.


My original post remains correct.  The problem folks, it China is anti-Google.  Sorry but it's true.  I still use ExpressVPN and it is about $60.00 for six months.  Anything that has a Google brand on it won't be let in otherwise. VPNs are discouraged in general and the internet companies will simply take you off-line when they can.  Not permanently, just in the middle of a class. Usually.  

There is no relief in sight, but be patient, China might change their policy. ..sooner or later...maybe.


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