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#120 Getting Started - Procrastination (Intermediate)

120 - Getting started - Procrastination . A great video lesson!

A few teachers have emailed me to say they have used this NFB video - Getting Started. By the famous Big Snit creator Richard Condie. See all our NFB chosen videos HERE!

1. -- Brainstorm with the students or in groups on things THEY do to avoid a task/job. Give some examples like "eat" , "play video games" etc....

2. Watch the video. Print out slide 2 (File - Print Preview - Print) and ask the students to circle all the things the man does to avoid "getting started".

3. Correct and then as a class or in groups/pairs, use the powerpoint attached to retell the story! Or even role play it with a student at the front of the class and the others directing - telling him/her what to do.

Many other ways to use this marvelously creative video!

Resources:  Getting Started PPT     |   Download for offline viewing

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