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Books Recommended for new teachers

booksI've spent hundreds of hours compiling recommended books by many groups of teachers. Also, hand picking my own.


Visit the EFL Classroom 2.0 Bookstore and get inspired!

Order my own "hard copy" books here at my Lulu store.


Further, ebooks I've written HERE.


Or also, browse TEFL books I recommend at GoodReads


Here are a few novels or more biographical books I recommend for new teachers. Lots of experience and great reading!


Novels / Books


Educating Esme - Esme Raji Codell

Teacher Man – Frank McCourt

Freedom Writers Diary – Zlata Filipovic

Finding Mrs. Warneke – Cindi Rigsby

Tomorrow is School- Don Sawyer

The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read – John Corcoron

The Accidental Teacher – Eric Mandel

I become a teacher – Cratis Williams

Losing My Faculties – Brendan Halpin

The Emergency Teacher – Christina Asquith

There are no shortcuts Rafe Esquith

Teach like your hair is on fire – Rafe Esquith

Letter’s to a young teacher – Jonathan Kozol

Summerhill – O’Neill

Cries from the corridors – Peter McLaren

The Students Are Watching – Theodore Sizer

Ms Hempel Chronicles – Sarah Shun-Lien


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