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Photos of real events/people - not edited. Some might be too graphic but it depends on the age group you wish to teach. I used some with my 4th graders last year when I had a unit under the theme Sharing the Planet: Conflict and resources

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Powerful addition, Cristina. I appreciate it. Do you ever view The Big Picture photo blog? Definitely worth the time.
There are many great pictures in the world, impressive pictures. Here there is a slide show from a blog of my friend who spent many years in Latin America: Jan Sochor.
His whole website is great... and from there I found burn magazine... wow.
You are right, George... the viewing opportunities for great photos seems only limited by time and bandwidth... another find from meandering around the links on Sochor's tear page...
Amazing! Thank you for the links- they are bookmarked!
and from there FOTO8 :-)


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