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Hello everybody!

It's nice to meet you here discussing such an important topic. Songs are really nice and all learners whether young or adults love them.. You can easily get your pupils involved in the lesson; this is what happening with me during my classes... Very funny and interesting atmosphere created by these children; they dance even on top of their desks ...hahah!!

When reviewing the main vocabulary of the lesson, you get amazed how they remember the words quickly.


My pupils like to listen to songs a lot and aslo videos of songs, though I rarely get some videos and let them watch video songs, because I have no Data Show. Any way, Any good teacher could use the simplest way to attract his/her students' attention.


My super website for songs is: www.supersimplesongs.com


Look forward to hearing from you.


Here is a song that I use to practise the simple present tense with my YLs. " target="_blank">Click 

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