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ebooks for teaching English

EFL Classroom 2.0 supporters ebooks.


I've spent a lot of time and energy, compiling the best resources from the internet for teaching English. Get those on our community but now they are also compiled in ebooks.


    - Handy printables that you can use instantly in class 

    - Lesson ideas and recipes for teaching all skills

    - Lists of the best websites and videos with ideas 

    - Tutorials and advice galore

                    -  Reflective writings for professional development


Get them all below, for your own use.  Please add a comment or review if you have time. 

Non-supporters can also purchase these items at http://tinypay.me/eflclassroom ;  You can direct them there. 


Thanks for your support!

                                                       Download by right clicking on the image and "save as"

Teach | Learn

36 print optimized lessons based on the teacher / learner friendly methodology of SCC or Student Created Content.

Multi media resource links for each lesson. Teacher's notes for each lesson. Dozens of blackline master printable extras. Download each lesson from the private wiki and edit for your own environment/class! Voicethread practice linked for all students, for each lesson.

It's not just a text book - it's a teaching toolkit!  Buy one copy and use with the whole class.  Edit the lessons and more resources for the book - HERE


Youtube in the Classroom

All the best youtube videos for teaching English,  in a click and view format. 
Hours have been spent culling and testing these videos and commercials in the classroom. They really work and are a gold mine for any teacher using multimedia resources in the classroom.  

You will be amazed and this will make any teacher's life much easier. Everything at your fingertips. View a sample (in the sample links not working) - http://bit.ly/i6ZpLM


4 Skills Book  

A 4 skills teacher training booklet for TEFL. 

Chalked full of multimedia links and teaching ideas/recipes and advice. Any new teacher will get instant lessons for the classroom. Included in this book are the 110 Lessons in a Can that have been popular with teachers. Best websites and a special module on flashcards in addition. 

This book comes about after 20+ years teaching and training teachers in TEFL. My experience is intended to help quicken the learning curve for others. 
See a sample here. (links don't work in the sample) - http://bit.ly/etcwaY


Flashcards in the Classroom

Hundreds of flashcard sets. Printable. Just click "Print" under the set. Also, send students there to play games. 

Activities suggested for teaching English. Enjoy! Support our community at EFL Classroom 2.0 - where this came from.


The Power of Presentations  

This is a 4 module, 20 hour course in public speaking.  It is fully blended. Just click on the photos/links and go to the multimedia resources. Tried and tested over the last 6 years with hundreds of students and teachers. 

Public speaking is a great way for students to learn English or just gain confidence speaking.   See a full sample (links on photos not working in the sample) - http://bit.ly/hQNZci


The #1 in English Language Teaching

All the #1 lessons, resources, ideas, sites, people in English Language Teaching. Hyperlinks take you directly to the source and each item is reviewed.

A quick way to get the best resources from a teacher trainer / professor with over 20 years teaching experience. 

Here is a sample version. http://bit.ly/iillgd


Funny Stories for Teaching  

Dozens of the best stories with audio. Great for practicing authentic English production and of course - laughing! 

Lesson delivery explained. Plus extra Joke handouts and presentations for hours of teaching fun. Click and Teach!

View a sample here. - http://bit.ly/hCJPMv


Zen and the Act of Teaching

A reflective journal about the "art" of teaching for inservice or practicing teachers. To be used by an individual teacher or as part of a training course. Please contact me, if you'd like the power point for this book - to be used with a class of inservice or even pre-service teachers.  This book contains the kernel of my wisdom as a teacher trainer and reflective person. The perfect form of professional development for teachers. I hope programs will use this to further teacher development around the world. 

This book is available as a beautiful soft cover journal through lulu books. Also see there - a nice preview of the interior pages. http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/zen-and-the-act-of-teaching/12660584


The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Teacher

A collection of my essays / writings from 2007 to present.  Three streams of reflections - all with content and hyperlinks/sources.  

1. Education - general writings about the need to do things differently2. Language - thoughts on the magical nature of this great code3. Teaching -  general and more classroom focused ideas and reflection.

See a sample of the first few entries here. (the book is 170 pages). http://bit.ly/e6eFvc

This book is now available as a physical book. (you'll get a link to the pdf also, in the book). http://bit.ly/hmfNsp


Selected Poetry: 1980 - 2010

A selection of poems from an international poet. 1980 - 2010.  Politics, love, betrayal, philosophy, life ......  See many of my poems (some of those included in this "best" book) at http://eflclassroom.com/poetry ;

This book is also available as a soft cover "real" book through lulu - http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/electric-chair-for-the-sun/12568442



EnglishCentral books for the classroom. 


Here are the three EnglishCentral books. Use with the videos on EnglishCentral and experience the power of blended learning! 


1. Commercials.   - videos here.


2.Low Level Coursebook 1  - videos here


3. Famous Speeches  - videos here


The newest ebook - Basic Dialogues Karaoke Video Coursebook!

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