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eteaching elearning

eTeaching and eLearning

Let's share ideas and connect!

We have many possible avenues for students to learn English online or teachers to teach online. See some below, ALL FREE! Let's also discuss the other places we can eteach or elearn for free. Also see "Classroom Connect" if you'd like to connect your classroom with another!

SCHEDULING:   You can message your friends or group here on EFL Classroom 2.0. Or use the chat box. So when you have a session - let us know! Also, go to Clock Link. Make a Countdown timer by clicking "view HTML tag", set the time and get the code. Post it on your page or send to others. You might also put your name and the event up in our CLASSIFIEDS section or EVENTS or even in a blog post!

What's Available for eTeaching?


Scribblar:      The best audio quality on the web!  Lessons are already set up, click through the pages or look in assets. Invite people and start teaching. Here's an extra room too!


Vconference:     This room has a webpage browser. You just need to click"VCONFERENCE" , download the room software and use the pw: "runner".  Start teaching/learning! Simple as pie! 


TINY CHAT PRO:   We have a full video chat setup. Just go there and enter a private room and chat!  Fully private, see only who you want to. Very stable and reliable. FREE! Post up a time and invite others to join!


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