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korean elementary videos

Comment by Ellen Pham on April 3, 2010 at 2:35pm
Wow... for the ones I looked at, that was a whole lotta work for "hi" and "bye"! But there is an absolute charm to these things.

It is not a very intense way to learn English... so there are "Tell Me More" type activities that go along with these videos?

Honestly, it seems more like a program you could play at home, or perhaps a teacher who did not know very much English herself could use the program to teach.

It seems a waste to use a fluent teacher in this way... but what do I know, I have no idea about teaching EFL!

When one teaches ESL, it is a crucial subject to the student. No matter how else s/he feels about it, she feels that! Or at least when I have done it... This is more like teaching a second language for fun. Many kids (like most people) aren't going to be interested unless they have a social use for the language.

My intuition tells me that in this situation, the teacher needs the most compelling materials, materials so interesting that you want to be able to talk about it, even if you have to use English (after all, it is English class) to do it.

There are always going to be some students who enjoy learning languages and are motivated by that in itself... but most people aren't like that. So you need all your materials to be extra, extra special, just to hold interest. Am I right, wrong.... does anybody care if I understand what it's like to teach EFL one class at a time? (As opposed to an immersion program, which is a different creature, I think)

If not, that's alright- I'll just keep using my imagination ; )

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