March 2010 Blog Posts (30)

Picture Puzzle Maker

This picture puzzle maker is really simple! Just go to the webpage, upload a photo and then choose how small you want the pieces to be. (I recommend choosing the largest size, that is difficult enough).

I think this might be useful for "jigsaw" type activities with text. Get the text as a picture (take a pic with your camera). I've posted up an example below. It might also be fun to do this with pictures of students. A hat tip to… Continue

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The "Libeary Corner"

I found your ning and have adapted many of your ideas and tools for my library classes. Thought I would share my blog site and perhaps some other resources. Hope you can find some treasures, like I found here.

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Watch a TED Talk and Find Your "SELF"

I am writing to send out another echo, burp, scream, yelp, howl, whisper, warning, I love you, admonition, gaga-gogo - to all members about TED - Technology, Education and Design videos

Our player is great and has been a source of solace for me. Never fails. When life gets too hectic, I pour a glass of wine, click… Continue

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Thoughts after listening to L. Lessig on fair use, copyright and online video

On Thursday 25, thanks to OpenVideoAlliance, I watched live a very interesting conference that Lawrence Lessig was giving at Harvard School

on "Fair use, politics and online video".

After having attended a few webinars an other online presentations, I've

taken to taking down notes pretty much in the same way as when I'm in

the same…

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SAV School, Nepal.

Name of the Project: ONE2ONE

Organization : SAV School

Address : Bageshwori-7, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Introduction: ONE2ONe project is a pilot project to be implemented at SAV School in Nepal with the help of education lovers to encourage sending the poor rural family children to school. In this project SAV School will find some interested education and children… Continue

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Word for Word

Panayotis used to be one of my Proficiency students. When I took over his class, he had already taken the examination twice… and failed both times.…


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Monday Routine

Durning the winter break I had some time to go over the year past. I had some time to think about what challenges I had and what I did to overcome them. The biggest problem for me was organization of my time and my lessons.

For the most part I was left alone until class time and then the students would appear at the door and my co-teacher may or may not have shown up. Some how with all the free time that I had, I still found myself ill prepared for many classes. Some times, I am… Continue

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I'm looking for any reading and writing teachers of ESL; doing a computer program on ESL learning, now. Thanks.

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thanks for your direction, ddeubel.
I have couple people in my class that can speak Corean. I must learn some greetings on your behalf.

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looking for blogs for esl teaching.

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